Langport Corner Sofa Bed with Storage LM90

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Product Description

Introducing our versatile and stylish corner sofa bed, perfect for any modern home!

Langport Corner Sofa Bed with Storage is the perfect thing for those who appreciate elegance, functionality and space saving. Its medium dimensions - width 249 cm, height 93 cm and depth 155 cm, make it fit perfectly even in small rooms.  Langport Corner Sofa Bed with Storage is characterized by its modern L-shape, which not only gives it a unique personality, but also makes it easily adaptable to different interior designs. It fits both modern and classic styles, offering unlimited decorative possibilities.

Langport Corner Sofa Bed with Storage is not only about design - it's also about functionality. Despite its medium size, it is equipped with a bedding container, perfect for storing extra blankets or pillows. In addition, the sleeping function with DL mechanism will let you easily transform your sofa into a comfortable place to sleep on. Langport Corner Sofa Bed with Storage is not just a place to sit down. With its narrow armrests, large backrest cushions and two decorative ones, it’s not just about comfort, but also aesthetic look. In addition, the DL system makes it easy to use, as the use of the sleeping function is intuitive and convenient.

Langport Corner Sofa Bed with Storage is a combination of style, functionality and compact design. Ideal for small rooms, it will work well in all arrangements, bringing elegance and comfort to your interior. Go for Langport Corner Sofa Bed with Storage, to enjoy every moment spent in your cozy corner.

This model is recommended by people who love convenient solutions. Attention to the smallest detail of the Langport Corner Sofa Bed with Storage translates into the durability of the furniture, thanks to which it will serve for many years while maintaining its original appearance.

Upgrade your living space with our corner sofa bed today and enjoy the convenience of free delivery and assembly!

Puce Pink Polyester Fabric

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