DreamSerenity Corner Sleeper with Storage SL06

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Product Description

Introducing our versatile and stylish corner sofa bed, perfect for any modern home! 

The DreamSerenity Corner Sleeper with Storage consists of three movable headrests that encourage you to lean back and relax while watching movies or reading books. We also like the fact that the DreamSerenity Corner Sleeper with Storage is a piece of furniture with a width of 247 centimeters, so it fits perfectly in large living rooms or entertainment rooms, but it can also become the hero of smaller and medium-sized rooms. Another advantage of the DreamSerenity Corner Sleeper with Storage is the bedding container, thanks to which you can keep the living room or guest room in order. Blankets, pillows or duvets will fit there without any problems, and the saved space in the wardrobe will certainly find its purpose. The fold-out function also allows you to rest at night with our DreamSerenity Corner Sleeper with Storage furniture. The sleeping function is 204x126 centimeters, so it is perfect for unexpected guests or an evening movie screening. The mechanism used to open the corner sofa is a very popular and convenient type of dolphin. It is enough to pull out the part under the seat and align it with the rest of the piece of furniture with one movement. Easy and intuitive dolphin mechanism is a great option to choose a corner sofa with a sleeping function.  Another inseparable component of upholstered furniture is the spring. The B-type wave spring has been used in the DreamSerenity, so the seat of the furniture is more flexible and bent, and thus extremely comfortable. Relax at the end of a long day and immerse yourself in DreamSerenity, a comfortable corner sofa.

Upgrade your living space with our corner sofa bed today and enjoy the convenience of free delivery and assembly!


Long side: 247 cm

Short side: 176 cm

Height: 104 cm

Depth: 54 cm

Sleeping area: 126x204 cm

Container: Yes

Small pillows not included. Pull-out Bed Mattress is in Black/White Colour.

Please Note: Shade of colours may appear differently on various devices due to settings and other factors. We strive for accuracy, but slight variations may occur. Please contact us if you have exact colour specifications.

Returns: We offer free return policy for in-stock items if you not happy with our sofa on delivery you can send sofa back same day and get full refund!