Croydon Corner Sofa Bed with Storage N24

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Product Description

Introducing our versatile and stylish corner sofa bed, perfect for any modern home! 

Are you looking for the perfect piece of furniture for a fashionably furnished living room? Do you value uncompromising solutions? You couldn't have done better! We put at your disposal the modern Croydon Corner Sofa Bed with Storage. No wonder that with its help you will conjure up a truly dazzling relaxation corner, which all your friends will envy you.

The Croydon Corner Sofa Bed with Storage is more than just an ordinary piece of furniture. It's a way to regain energy lost during work and make your face smile again! You do not believe? So see what our corner sofa bed is made of: in its heart you will find highly elastic HR foam, elastic belt, T2130 foam and B-type corrugated springs. Together, these components make the surface of the furniture pleasantly soft and flexible. The design is therefore able to gently wrap your body, taking care to provide its sensitive points with proper support. The right combination of the highest quality materials also makes the corner sofa resistant to creases and distortions. This means that even when used intensively, it will remain free of unsightly and uncomfortable recesses. So it will look like new for a surprisingly long time!

To provide you with maximum safety, Croydon Corner Sofa Bed with Storage has been equipped with adjustable headrests. You can easily adjust the components to your preferences so as to effectively care for the comfort of your neck. So you can read your favourite book or watch an episode of a series (or several ones!), and even a few hours spent in one position will not have a negative impact on your health. An additional advantage of the corner sofa bed are the three included decorative pillows. Not only do they increase the comfort of using the furniture, but also constitute an aesthetic decoration that enhances its visual qualities. You can also put them on armchairs to create a harmoniously coherent decor.
It is also worth noting how well Croydon Corner Sofa Bed with Storage fits into the current trends. It has gentle, almost flowing lines and rounded edges that make the whole look very delicate. Streamlined legs complete the shape. The components well balance the visual weight of the structure, thanks to which it gains visual lightness and does not overwhelm its surroundings. 

The Croydon Corner Sofa Bed with Storage combines a comfortable seat with the possibility of obtaining an additional sleeping place. So you can sit on it with friends during the day, and thanks to the Dolphin system, you can turn the whole thing into a magnificent bed at night. The applied sleeping function has a special wheel - thanks to this component, the whole thing moves extremely smoothly and does not scratch the floor surface. No wonder that our Croydon Corner Sofa Bed with Storage is a perfect solution for people who want to save space in their apartment!

Upgrade your living space with our corner sofa bed today and enjoy the convenience of free delivery and assembly!

Puce Pink Velvet Fabric / Pull-out Bed Mattress is in Black/White Colour Fabric

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