CozyDream Corner Sofa Bed S05/S17

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Product Description

Introducing our versatile and stylish corner sofa bed, perfect for any modern home!

Modern interior design is all about simplicity and enduring elegance. The CozyDream Corner Sofa Bed fits these settings well. The traditional yet simple layout features extensive seating space, and this 260x205x80 cm sofa also performs well as the centrepiece to the living room. Large seating, optimum backrest profile and gently rounded arms contribute to the delightfully high aesthetics. Another advantage is the great attention to detail and the accents. The stylish legs and subtle tufting across the whole backrest and the seat provide a striking finish. The sides and the lower section are in colour contrast to the remainder, with extra accent cushions included. There is an extensive selection of two-tone combinations, making it incredibly easy to find the right finish for your interior. This corner sofa is intended for modern, minimalist and loft-styled interiors.

The CozyDream Corner Sofa Bed impresses with its fabulous looks as well as its functionalities. The optimum shape of the backrest favours relaxation and leisure, something it shares with the seats, which are soft yet stable to sit on. The corner sofa is great to relax on during the day and at night. It is easy to transform the sofa to a bed by pulling the unit from underneath, to enjoy a sleeping surface measuring 200x126 cm. While it lacks bedlinen storage, it is still a great choice as a large bed for every night.

The CozyDream Corner Sofa Bed merges modern design lines with superb comfort. If you are looking for upholstered furniture in delightful colours combined with wonderful functionality, then this is the best choice.

Upgrade your living space with our corner sofa bed today and enjoy the convenience of free delivery and assembly!


Long side: 260 cm

Short side: 205 cm

Height: 80 cm

Depth: 58 cm

Sleeping area: 200x126 cm

Container: No

Pull-out Bed Mattress is in Black/White Colour Fabric.

Please Note: Shade of colours may appear differently on various devices due to settings and other factors. We strive for accuracy, but slight variations may occur. Please contact us if you have exact colour specifications.

Returns: We offer free return policy for in-stock items if you not happy with our sofa on delivery you can send sofa back same day and get full refund!